ARNOX AIRKOOL (AIRCON COIL CLEANER) is a powerful coil renovator and reconditioner. It has non- ionic penetrants with an alkaline booster which quickly cuts through grease, grime and industrial fall-out impurities. It does not harm metal since it has built-in corrosion inhibitor.


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ARNOX AIRKOOL (AIRCON COIL CLEANER) is widely used by apartments complexes, air conditioning repair shop and service companies, hospitals, industrial plants or any establishment which maintains or services air conditioning equipment or systems. It quickly cuts through grease, grime and industrial fall out impurities. When used according to directions, it saves pesos by allowing air-conditioning system to run at maximum efficiency with cleaner condenser  and evaporator coils. It can substantially lengthens equipment life to save expensive cost and downtime, on a regular preventive maintenance program.

Product Application:
Read all label cautions before using. Use exactly as directed. ARNOX AIRKOOL should not be used where water is not available for rinsing. Dilute (1) part of ARNOX AIRKOOL with 5 parts of water in a plastic sprayer or applicator. Turn off unit so that fan is not operating and hose down condenser to cool fins. Start at the top of the condenser unit and work gradually down until all areas have are washed with ARNOX AIRKOOL to penetrate surface and built-up grime. Flush off entire unit with water and allow drying. Examine surface for any remaining corrosion. Repeat application if necessary. Flush out and thoroughly rinse with water sprayer, applicators or buckets that were used with ARNOX AIRKOOL.