ARNOX STAIN OFF DISINFECTANT CLEANER is a concentrated cleaner and disinfectant rolled into one. It is specially formulated for all-purpose cleaning of heavily soiled stone and masonry with fast-acting stain action. It removes filth, slime, acid stains, organic soils, any discoloration on the surface and watermarks of stainless surfaces/tanks, leaving it restored almost like new.

ARNOX STAIN OFF DISINFECTANT CLEANER also contains anti-microbial ingredients that provide a broad spectrum biocidal activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It kills E. coli, Staph, Salmonella, Pseudomonas on hard surfaces when used as directed. The product is highly recommended for food industries that require a clean and germ-free working environment.

ARNOX STAIN OFF DISINFECTANT CLEANER has increased hard water tolerance for disinfecting activity and substantial organic soil tolerance as well. It is non-flammable, highly stable cleaner and disinfectant that leaves no residues after water rinsing. It can be diluted depending on the condition of the surface to be cleaned. It has a better disinfectant performance that quickly acts on dirt, soils and stains with one easy application. It eliminates costly replacement of stained materials.

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