ARNOX SCALE OFF is a heavy duty acid cleaner intended for removing hard water scale deposit, rust and scums from various stainless surface and equipment. It contains special corrosion inhibitors that protect stainless steel metals while rapidly dissolving rust and scales.

ARNOX SCALE OFF is formulated for all-purpose cleaning of heavily soiled stone and masonry with fast-acting stain action. It removes filth, slime, acid stains, organic soils, any discoloration on the surface and watermarks on stainless surfaces/tanks, leaving it restored almost like new. It can also be used for removing scales and other carbonaceous deposits from water handling equipments. It is non-flammable, highly stable cleaner that leaves no residues after water rinsing. It can be diluted depending on the condition of the surface to be cleaned.

ARNOX SCALE OFF has a rapid action and immediately dissolves scale and scums. It contains highly selective corrosion inhibitor and is safe on metals. It can be diluted from 10 to 20 parts of water.

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