ARNOX ULTRAWASH (WATER SOLUBLE DEGREASER) is a superior multi-purpose water soluble with solvent booster and alkaline based detergent composed of selective surfactants and wetting agents which are highly effective in cleaning and removing dirt, oil, wax gasoline, bilge scum, grease , ink and dye. It cleans mildew and fungi from areas that are constantly wet or exposed to humid conditions.

ARNOX ULTRAWASH (WATER SOLUBLE DEGREASER) is widely used for maintaining and cleaning operations in food processing, automotive and machine shops, hospitals, schools and other institutions. Effective in cleaning on oil tank, oil ship decks, tankers and piers. Cleans sewage pumps, pipes, greasy floors, garage, graffiti from walls and cabinets. It cleans engines, heavy equipments, metal surfaces, ventilating fans, ducts, blowers, plastics and oily concrete surfaces. It is safe to any type of floorings, most plastics, fabrics, leather, metal, plexi glass, rubber, neoprene or nylon, painted surfaces when used in recommended strength . It floats away grease and grime with a fast solvent action. It is highly dilutable from 10 to 30 parts of water depending on the amount of greases and also can be reuse 4 to 5 times.

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