ARNOX FROTH ALK 506 (FOAMING CLEANER) is a heavy duty, self-foaming liquid detergent intended for cleaning equipment and surfaces in the food and beverage industry. It is alkaline base with added chlorine for one-step cleaning and sanitizing. It is specially formulated to dissolve and saponify fatty soils, grease and oils for faster cleaning time. Its high active chlorine content is effective against broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms while providing stain-removing action from many surfaces.

ARNOX FROTH ALK 506 (FOAMING CLEANER) has excellent and stable foam for longer contact time especially for vertical or inclined surfaces. The foam remains stable even at elevated temperatures for improved cleaning efficiency. The foam is highly rinsable using minimal water consumption while leaving surfaces completely free from residues. Excellent foaming even at elevated temperatures.

ARNOX FROTH ALK 506 (FOAMING CLEANER) is intended for cleaning and foaming steel tanks, conveyors, filling machines, including walls and flooring. It is safe for stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metals, plastic and ceramic surfaces when used at recommended dilution. It rapidly breaks down fatty soils and grease. It removes discoloration and stain marks and is non corrosive to stainless steel equipment.