HYDROCARE 303 BOILER MASTER (BOILER WATER TREATMENT) is an ideal alkaline water treatment compound designed to prevent the precipitation of slightly soluble scale forming compound such as silica, calcium and magnesium carbonates. It is a blend of neutral organic colloidal products with a strong lime solubilizing agent rust inhibitor to protect and preserve boiler tubes. It is fortified with oxygen scavenger that prevents dissolved oxygen in the feed water from detrimentally reacting with the steel tubing and other parts of the boiler.

HYDROCARE 303 BOILER MASTER (BOILER WATER TREATMENT) keeps the surface free from corrosion. It forms an unbroken protective film to keep boiler tubes free from any pits or wastage. It preserves boiler tubes. It maintains a trouble free operation by keeping the boiler tubes free from sludge and scale formation. It also eliminates costly descaling and downtime expenses due to unforeseen breakdown of boiler.

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