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Water is a very important medium in a wide range of industries, where it is normally encountered as raw water, process water or as wastewater. This water needs to be treated prior to entering the process to ensure that its quality and properties will support the industrial process as effectively as possible. At least it needs to be ensured that it will cause minimal damage to process equipment.
Furthermore, a clear trend today among industries that use large amounts of water, such as steel, food & beverage, etc., is to recycle and reuse water to an increasingly high degree, thereby reducing water consumption as well as pollution – all of which lead to cost reductions. Efficient water reuse can result not only in energy efficiency and decreased environmental impacts but also in significant cost savings. Finally the wastewater needs to be treated so that it can be released into the municipal sewer systems or to the recipient and ultimately back into its source.
For water treatment plant operation like water treatment of boilers and cooling towers, it is an integral operation for many industries, with productivity and product quality hanging in the balance. Scale, corrosion, fouling, microbiological contamination and other water treatment problems can be costly.
Eagle Star Industrial Sales Corporation supplies the expertise to identify the problems, develop solutions and generate efficient water treatment programs. We can provide full treatment programs including chemical water treatment using our line of products, water analysis and process control equipment.


Appropriate sanitation and hygiene practices are critical elements of an environment conducive to producing safe food. These prerequisite food safety programs are particularly important for minimizing the potential for contamination of food products with pathogenic microorganisms. Effective sanitation and hygiene programs also are essential to producing foods that are free from quality defects such as spoilage microorganisms, filth, hair, insects and other contaminants that may not represent a direct food safety hazard.
Plant management must ensure hygiene and sanitation as the top priority to minimize the chance of recall.
Eagle Star Industrial Sales Corporation is engaged in hygiene and sanitation programs of most industrial manufacturing company particularly food industries. Our clients include mostly branches of Coca Cola Philippines. Our product lines for hygiene and sanitation are FDA Certified and safe to use. We provide package for hygiene and sanitation program like supply of sanitation cleaning chemicals, consumable materials and trained technical staffs.


Aircon cleaning services using cleaning chemicals is normally recommended for air-conditioning systems or units which have been in use for quite a number of years without maintenance or proper maintenance. Chemical wash removes mouldy growth which gives filthy odour and reduces the efficiency of product drastically. Most beneficial aspect is that it prevents mechanism from breaking down and helps to regulate healthier as well as cleaner air.
“We offer professional aircon services such as air conditioner cleaning & maintenance, chemical cleaning % air conditioner washing, air conditioner troubleshooting & repair, and other air conditioning unit services. Our segment market includes residential, condominiums, offices, commercial and industrial establishments.”


The objective of buffing is to make the rough surface became smooth. Surface finish is an important element in any specification of stainless steel regardless of the intended use. For those applications where appearance is important, finish is a design element and must be specified. In non decorative applications the surface finish may have implications for friction, wear, and maintenance or corrosion resistance and must, therefore also be carefully chosen and clearly specified.
There are a wide range of decorative finishes available; therefore it is important to pay close attention to the selection of the most appropriate finish for the application required. For visual appearance of polished stainless steel there are a number of functional considerations. In sanitary applications, correctly polished stainless steel not only looks good but it helps to reduce the risk of bacteria being retained by the material.


The build-up of hard water scale in boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and pipework reduces the efficiency of heating equipment. Acid cleaning is the only satisfactory method of removing scale deposits. Acid cleaning involves the circulation of acid at low concentrations around the equipment that requires scale removal.
Hard water scale in boilers, heat exchangers, cooling tower and condensers reduces their efficiency, in a case such as steam boilers, can cause the boiler to be dangerous to operate. Acid cleaning is the only satisfactory method of restoring the heat transfer efficiency by complete removal of the deposits.
Scale, which is mostly calcium and magnesium, acts as an insulator in between the metal surface of a boiler and the water, and will result in an increase in the temperature of the boiler metal. With enough scale, the metal overheats, causing blisters and eventually a ruptured pressure part.
Usually, with boilers, the engineering department will fail a boiler if it is considered to be in a dangerous condition, and will not allow the boiler to operate until cleaned satisfactorily. However, if it is required to restore heat transfer efficiency, then the decision to clean can be taken by maintenance personnel.
Heat exchangers
These will suffer from blockage, restricted flow and increased pipe work pressure drop, as well as a reduction in heat transfer efficiency. Acid cleaning should be carried out before the pipe work is blocked completely, otherwise the acid solution cannot be circulated.
Cooling towers
Scale build up in a cooling tower can harbour Legionella bacteria and acid cleaning will be required if scale is present. Any heat exchanger associated with the cooling system may also require an acid clean.
Evaporative Condensers
The tubes of an evaporative condenser are simply a heat exchanger that is cooling refrigeration gases. Not only will there be a reduction in cooling efficiency, but the refrigeration plant will also be inefficient if the gas is not cooled correctly.


Fogging is a process of fumigation using a chemical insecticide which is called thermal insecticidal fogging. This a utilization of insecticidal liquids passed through thermal fog-generating units, where by means of heat, pressure and turbulence such liquid are transformed and discharged in the form of fog or mist blown into an area to be treated.
Fumigation operation is effective and a better option than any other methods of pest control because in fumigation process the fumigant circulates and spreads to all areas of infestation whereas spraying operation or other methods of pest control will be less effective.